Crotos, a project on visual artworks powered by Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons

Crotos is a search and display engine for visual artworks based on Wikidata and using Wikimedia Commons files.


[Edit 3/9/2015] New developments on Crotos

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Examples of searches

Simple search

Search with date of creation

Search in others languages

Indexed search

Indexed and free serach, crossed

Searches can be made by free or indexed search. Results are displayed by chrological order with thumbnails. Links on thumbnails open a viewer with the image hosted on Wikimedia Commons.

It is possible to filter the results by type (painting, sculpture, print…) or to specify a period as criterion.

By default, without criterion, a random selection is displayed.

Besides with the Cosmos it is possible to discover the artworks by indexation (par type d’œuvre, creator, movement, genre, collection…).


Under each result image are mentionned the title, the creator(s) (property p170) and the collection (property p195) or the location (property p276) when these information are on Wikidata.

Four icons can be directly associated with the work (when information is on Wikidata):

  • link to Wikidata item
  • link to Wikimedia Commons page (property p18)
  • link to a Wikipedia page about this artwork (same language as interface if it exists)
  • link to artwork’s page on institutional website (property p973)

Properties displayed (when information in Wikidata):

  • date or period (property p571)
  • nature of artwork (property p31)
  • material used (property p186)
  • inventory number (property p217)
  • movement (property p135)
  • genre (property p136)
  • depicts (property p180)
  • main subject of the artwork (property p921)
  • series of whom the artwork is a part (property p179)
  • arwtork of whom the artwork is a part (p361)
  • the work(s) used as basis for subject (p144)
  • the work which inspired the artwork (p941)
  • pendant of the artwork(property p1639)
  • official website for the collection (property p856)
  • link to category on Wikimedia Commons (property p1639)
  • link to Europeana (property p727)
  • link to VIAF (property p214)
  • link to Joconde database of the French Ministry of Culture (property p347)
  • link to Atlas database of artworks of musée du Louvre (property p1212)
  • link to RKDimages database of the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (property p350)
  • link to Reasonator (Wikidata – in pretty!) for a more complete description of the Wikidata item

Indexed informations have links to start a new search.


The interface is in 34 languages. The information are displayed by default in the language of the interface. In the absence of label in the language indicated, the information is displayed in another language.

To have a partial overview of the language occurrences: Crotos – Languages occurences from labels

Artworks selection

The Wikidata extraction contains currently (April 2015) more than 46 000 artworks (10 000 in May 2014) with more than 20 000 images (7 000 in May 2014). This extraction is regularly automatically updated from Wikidata on the basis of the nature of the items (property p31) and corresponds to the following types of visual artworks:

All data used in Crotos come from Wikidata, free database, collaborative and multilingual.

Data are published on Wikidata manually or via robots, (like this one to migrate data from DBpedia as explained here: Voyage de DBpedia en Wikidata à bord d’un bot [in French]), or by creating new items via robots [in French], or via semi-automated publishing tools like Autolist or Quick Statements.

Contribution mode

The project has a contribution mode, useful for identifying missing information with facets. For example, artworks without English title. So if the envy takes you, do not hesitate to indulge yourselves.

Finally, source is on github and the database of Crotos can be downloaded ; both are under Free Licence.

Do not hesitate to make remarks, criticisms or suggestions to benoit (a) or elsewhere.